Designmind has developed a process to help companies create successful brands with the right consciousness.

Cre8 (Create) is developed to manifest, transform and transcend the full potential of the vision brand.

See the Cre8 process


Development of the brand name takes place according to the Cre8 process.

The brand name development process is a whole process in itself. Through deep analysis of the identity, strategy and the essence of what the brand is, and where it is going, the right name (or names) is developed.


Through analysis of the Cre8 process the brand is developed. The process takes place in a field of creativity and wisdom.

With consciousness and awareness through the brand development process, the right and unique brand or brands are created.


The brand is the core of the identity. Visual identity of the brand can include: Design elements / Colors / Typography / Custom type / Stationery / Websites / Correspondence / Printed matter / Advertising / Signage / Communication.

The visual identity defines the essence of the brand identity.


A brand must have a vision and strategy for the future to be strong and memorable.

To establish the right consciousness and awareness there must be a plan for the brand. Through the Cre8 process the right path will be revealed.  A tool for this can be a brand guideline.


The design guideline is an operational tool that defines the use of the brand and identity.

It can include: use of Logo and Brand / Design elements / Colors / Typography / Stationery / Correspondence / Websites / Printed matter / Advertising / Signage / Communication.

Custom type

A brand usually uses some kind of typography/type in the communication.

Some brands/companies use a special custom type created to strengthen the brand image. A custom type is a strong extension of the brand image, and can be used as identity, from brand to the communication platform.


Besides the corporate brand some companies or organizations have a product brand or product brands. A product brand can (but not necessarily) have a visual identification to the corporate brand.

For some companies the product brand is the main corporate identity.


The design implementation process defines the brand architecture in a logical and operational way. Some brands need a wide range of tools. Some need the basic elements.

Designmind helps implement the identity in all areas. Where, how and in what direction the process must take place.